Tier 1

Feerrott, the Dream: Ritual of Terror
House of Thule: Tick Tock

Tier 2

The Grounds: The Roots of Evil
The Well: Terror in the Dark
The Library: The Librarian's Nightmare
Erudin Burning: The Torches of Truth

Tier 3

House of Thule: Guardian of the House
Al'Kabor's Nightmare: At World's End
Miragul's Phylactery: The Force of Eternity
Fear Itself: Cazic's Final Stand
Morell's Castle: The Awakening

Tier 4

Sanctum Somnium: Taking the Tower
Sanctum Somnium: The Essence of Dreams
Sanctum Somnium: Under the Sea
Sanctum Somnium: Isles of Sand
Sanctum Somnium: Elements of a Dream
Sanctum Somnium: The Cages of Testing
Sanctum Somnium: Morell Ascendant